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Catching Fire – The Hunger Games (Book Two)

By Collins Suzanne

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Suzanne Collins was born in Connecticut in 1962. In the 1990’s, she wrote from some children’s television shows on the Nickelodeon network. While working on a kids’ show called “Generation O!” she met writer James Proimos who inspired her to begin writing children’s novels. Her first novel, “Gregor the Overlander” was the first in a series of critically acclaimed books known as the Underland Chronicles and was inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The Underland Chronicles were published between 2003 and 2007 and earned Collins notoriety in the literary world. In 2008 “The Hunger Games” was published as the first book in a trilogy that was followed up by “Catching Fire” (2009) and “Mockingjay” (2010); the trilogy has been wildly successful.

Collins’ idea for the books of the Hunger Games series came from watching reality television, reading war coverage, and influencing from the times of gladiator battles. The world of Panem, where the novels take place, is a dystopian society in the future where all of the “districts” in which people are dictated by the President who lives in the Capitol; a place far different from the poor districts which exist solely to provide goods for those who live in the Capitol. Every year the Capitol takes two teenagers from each district as tributes to compete in the Hunger Games, a gladiator-type reality show where only one tribute comes back alive. Katniss Everdeen, the heroine of the series, begins a battle against the Capitol that propels itself to a catastrophic degree in an effort to live a life of freedom.

Several months after the 74th annual Hunger Games have ended Katniss finds herself living in a house much nicer than she is used to with more food than she has ever had in the Victor’s Village of District 12. She barely speaks to Peeta and Gale reveals feelings that Katniss never knew he had.

President Snow visits to inform Katniss that she is in a lot of trouble for the stunt she pulled with the berries in the arena, and she must work hard to convince him that she and Peeta are truly in love. During the Victory Tour Peeta and Katniss resume their air of romance and even get engaged for the public.

Katniss finds out that some of the districts have begun rebelling against the Capitol, and she knows that she must fight, not run away as Gale suggests. Katniss hears a rumor that District 13, thought to be destroyed, still exists and wants to go there for a chance to rise against the Capitol’s control but Haymitch thinks she is being silly. Katniss finds out that for the Quarter Quell, the 75th anniversary of the Hunger Games, the rules have been changed and only victors will participate in this next Hunger Games, which means definitely Katniss and either Haymitch or Peeta.

It is Peeta who goes and despite the fact that Katniss is determined to save him this time, rather than herself, it seems the other tributes have all decided to save Katniss at all costs; Katniss has become the face of hope in the rebellion that is forming against the Capitol and her mockingjay pin has become a symbol of the rebellion. As the arena crumbles under the rebelling tributes Katniss is rescued, but Peeta is taken hostage by the Capitol.

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has just won the 74th Hunger Games along with Peeta, whom she still does not know if she has true feelings for. There is a rebellion stirring after Katniss’ actions in the last Games and it has caught the attention of President Snow. When Katniss is thrown into the Games yet again she is determined to save Peeta though everyone else is determined to save her; Katniss has become the face of the rebellion without even realizing it.

Peeta Mellark

Peeta is still desperately in love with Katniss though he is waiting for her to feel the same way. Peeta proposes to Katniss in public to be sure that they still have the support of the nation and stays by her side through the entire Victory Tour and the subsequent Quarter Quell games that they are thrust into, yet again. Peeta works very hard to protect Katniss though, yet again, it is Peeta who needs Katniss to protect him. When the rebellion strikes and the arena explodes Peeta is captured by the Capitol rather than saved by the rebels.

Gale Hawthorne

Gale is on the same page as Katniss as far as a rebellion goes from day one, as Gale has always had a problem with the totalitarian government. Gale goes along with Katniss’ suggestion that they run away with their families, though he gets angry with her when he finds out that she wants Peeta to come too. Gale expresses his true feelings for Katniss and finally kisses her, which only confuses her more. When Gale is caught hunting by the new peacekeepers, he is whipped severely in the public square and Katniss attempts to jump in to save him.

Prim Everdeen

Prim is Katniss’ younger sister who has grown so much in the time that Katniss has been absent because of her duties with the Games. Prim is developing a love for medicine and healing, as Mrs. Everdeen has, and works often with her mother from their kitchen in Victor’s Village which has turned into the doctor’s office of District 12. Prim slowly grows into a thoughtful and intelligent young woman who serves as a great source of comfort for Katniss.

President Snow

President Snow is the president of Panem and rules the districts from the Capitol. Snow is furious with Katniss for her performance in the 74th Games because she has challenged the authority of the Capitol and basically proven that she will do whatever she sees fit and cannot be controlled. President Snow threatens to harm Katniss’ family if she does not make the world absolutely positive that the berry stunt was an act of love rather than an act of rebellion.

Haymitch Abernathy

Haymitch is the only Hunger Games victor from District 12, other than Peeta and Katniss, who is still alive. He continues to drink heavily after returning to District 12, and urges Peeta and Katniss to keep their love affair public knowledge, even encouraging the engagement which he assures Katniss is necessary as being with Peeta is really her only option in life now. When it comes time for the tributes to be chosen for the Quarter Quell, Haymitch is chosen but Peeta steps up to take his place and Haymitch becomes the mentor once again, who encourages Peeta and Katniss to make allies.

Finnick Odair

Finnick is the tribute, and past victor, from District 4 which is the fishing district.Finnick is very attractive and knows it, and he has quite the charming personality. Finnick’s main skills involve swimming, using nets, and throwing a trident. Katniss initially dislikes Finnick because of his arrogance, but he takes her by surprise when he wants to be her ally in the arena. Katniss does not want to trust Finnick, but he seems determined to keep her alive and she does not understand why until she learns about the rebellion.


Cinna is the personal stylist who turns Katniss into the “girl on fire”. Cinna is unlike other people from the Capitol, as he is very quiet, reserved, and normal in comparison. Katniss becomes great friends with Cinna and has a lot of respect for him as a person and for his creativity. Cinna is a genius when it comes to styling, and when Katniss and Peeta are put into the games a second time it becomes obvious that he has a hint of rebellion in him as well, as he dresses Katniss as a mockingjay for her interview before the Quarter Quell. Cinna is beaten to death right in front of Katniss’ face as she is preparing to enter the arena.

Effie Trinket

Effie is the escort for the District 12 tributes, and she comes from the Capitol. Effie is very proper, despite the fact that she has bright pink hair, and gets extremely offended around Haymitch and Katniss with their harsh ways. She at first accepts the Hunger Games as a part of life and a chance to further her career but by the time Katniss and Peeta are to compete for a second time she more emotionally invested in them and tries to become a source of comfort to them as she is sad an angry that they must compete again.

Octavia, Flavius, and Venia

Octavia, Flavius, and Venia are Katniss’ prep team from the Capitol. They are the ones who primp, polish, wax, and make-up Katniss before all of her public appearances. Katniss is at first shocked by the startling appearance of her prep team and is disgusted by their trivial, worry-free, and privileged lives, as well as their interest in the Hunger Games. Katniss develops a little respect and even appreciation for her team when she is prepping for her second Games because she sees how emotional they are at the thought of nearly losing her again.

Johanna Mason

Johanna is the female tribute, and former victor, from District 7. Johanna is good friends with Finnick so she allies herself with him as well as Katniss, Peeta, Beetee, and Wiress.Johanna seems to truly dislike Katniss which makes Katniss distrust Johanna more than anyone else. Johanna tells Katniss that she has no one left who she loves, which helps Katniss to understand Johanna’s bitterness. At the end, of the Quarter Quell Johanna is captured by the Capitol just like Peeta.


Beetee is the male tribute, and former victor, from District 3. Beetee is an older man and Katniss trusts him and wants him as an ally immediately though no one else understands why. Beetee is an accomplished and extremely intelligent inventor who teaches Katniss how to see a force field, something that not many others can do. Beetee has formulated the plan to short out the force field around the arena with electricity and Johanna has nicknamed him “Volts”.


Mags is Finnick’s fellow tribute from District 4, and another former victor. Mags is a much older woman who rarely speaks anything that makes sense, though Finnick always seems to understand her and the two of them are very close. Mags was not originally chosen to be in the Quarter Quell, but she volunteered to take the place of Annie Cresta, who is eventually revealed to be Finnick’s girlfriend.When Finnick realizes he cannot rescue both Peeta and Mags from the poisonous fog Mags does not hesitate to take her own life by running into the fog.

Mrs. Everdeen

Mrs. Everdeen is the mother of Katniss and Prim who grew up in District 12 though she did not live in the Seam until she was married. When Mr. Everdeen dies in a mine explosion, Mrs. Everdeen becomes deeply depressed though she eventually pulls herself together enough to start her own apothecary from her home in the Seam. Katniss does not have much respect for her mother because of how she fell apart at the death of her husband and left Katniss to fend for her entire family. Mrs. Everdeen becomes the “doctor” in District 12 when the new peacekeepers begin physically punishing people.

Caesar Flickerman

Flickerman is a very famous television reporter in the Capitol. His claim to fame is interviewing the tributes from each district before the Games are to begin. Flickerman is very kind and has a way of making everyone appear likeable and in making everything sound charming. Flickerman’s hair color changes each year as the color that represents the Games changes each year. Katniss is at first shocked by his appearance but quickly learns that he is her ally on the stage because he will spin her social awkwardness into something endearing.


Rebellion is the driving force behind this novel though Katniss does not realize the magnitude of what is happening as much of it has been hidden. During the Victory Tour there are hints that rebellion is happening and when she meets Twill and Bonnie in the woods, who are escaping to the mysterious District 13, she finds out that she and her mockingjay are the faces of the rebellion that is stirring against the Capital. The other tributes work hard to save Katniss in the arena because the rebellion is making a big move that Katniss and Peeta are not informed of.


Love is a complicated topic for Katniss because she does not know how she feels about either of the boys who are in love with her; Gale and Peeta. Love is something that Katniss has pretended as long as she has been in the public eye, to gain sympathy for herself and Peeta, but while Peeta does not have to fake these feelings Katniss does not know what she is feeling for him, nor for Gale. The only love that Katniss is sure of is that for her sister Prim, and love is what the gamemakers use against Katniss and the other tributes while in the arena; Katniss and Finnick both hear the tortured voices of Prim and Annie in one of the areas of the arena.


Survival is a constant theme of all three books in the series. The people in the districts are constantly struggling to survive against hunger while the tributes are constantly trying to survive in an arena where they are being hunted. Aside from actual physical survival the rebellion is sparking the idea of surviving emotionally and mentally by rising against the totalitarian government of the Capitol.  Katniss never tries to survive herself; she is not interested in running away with Gale and she is not interested in saving herself in the arena, she only wants to save Peeta.


Even more so than in the first book Peeta and Katniss are totally interdependent upon one another. Peeta and Katniss are a team and they constantly work as one, always looking to the other for support and ensuring one another’s safety. Katniss becomes a shell of herself when she and Peeta are not speaking after the 74th Hunger Games because she no longer feels complete or seems to know how to function when he is not around, and she is devastated when she learns that he was taken by the Capitol after the Quarter Quell.

Government Control

The government begins to fight back after the stunt that Katniss played in the Hunger Games and asserts their control by announcing that the Quarter Quell will involve only victors of past games; proving that they can make people do whatever they want. President Snow replaces the peacekeepers of the districts with new ones who are very strict and vicious in ensuring that the citizens follow the rules, going so far as to set up a gallows and a whipping post, which Gale must face. President Snow even shows up to confront Katniss face to face on her intentions and threatens the safety of her friends and family.


Loyalty is very important to Katniss because she cares nothing about her own safety and only about the safety of those around her. She hates that she has hurt both Peeta and Gale but refuses to allow her loyalty to either of them waiver. Katniss also wants to remain loyal to the people who see her as a sign of hope, like Rue’s family and Twill and Bonnie. While Katniss does not ask for others to be loyal to her, the Capitol basically demands that people be loyal to them, for fear of losing the tight grasp of control they have over the districts.


Sacrifice is something that is central to all of the books in the series, but especially in this one because so many people are sacrificing themselves. Katniss is always willing to sacrifice herself for others and Peeta is always willing to sacrifice himself for Katniss; but this time everyone is sacrificing their lives for Katniss, as she is the face of the rebellion even though she is not fully aware of it.Basically the entire country of Panem, with the exception of the Capitol and a couple of the lower districts, is sacrificing its livelihood for Katniss and the idea of freedom.


Freedom is the reason for the rebellion. The citizens of Panem have been repressed by a totalitarian government for so long and are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the control that the Capitol has over them. Katniss’ rebellion against the Capitol as was televised during the 74th Hunger Games was all that the people of Panem needed to give them a small taste of what freedom would be like. Freedom means no more Hunger Games, no more starvation, and no more barely surviving so other people can thrive.


Most of the anger comes from Katniss, toward her mother, toward the Capitol, and toward herself. Katniss is angry with her mother for emotionally abandoning her and Prim when their father died though she is trying to sort through that anger. She is also angry with the Capitol for having such control over the citizens of Panem and finding entertainment in something so tragic as the bloodbath that is the Hunger Games. Finally, Katniss is often mad at herself, mostly for the confusion that she feels in her feelings for both Gale and Peeta.


Determination is one of the most prominent qualities that Katniss possesses though in terms of “Catching Fire” it is the determination of the other victors that is most important. Katniss believes that they will all be determined to win the Games and that she will be their first target once in the arena; what Katniss does not know is that they are determined, but not to win the Games, only to save Katniss because she is the heart and soul of the impeding rebellion, which is about to make a huge move.

Katniss is home and back to her regular routine of hunting and trading, though after winning the Games she no longer has to hunt for food. Katniss slips under the fence into the woods to hunt, the site of a kiss that took place between her and Gale after she returned from the games. Despite the fact that Katniss’ family no longer needs food, other families do, like Gale’s.

Katniss heads straight to the Hawthorne house to bring them food and then goes to the Hob to trade, buy some healing supplies for her mother, and has a bowl of Greasy Sae’s soup. Katniss heads back to the Victor’s Village where she, her mother, and Prim now live with Haymitch and Peeta as neighbors. She stops first as Haymitch’s house to wake him, knowing he is probably passed out drunk, because this is the first day of the Victory Tour that they must go on.

Peeta shows up as well with bread to coax Haymitch out of bed, and there is obvious tension between Peeta and Katniss. When Katniss gets to her own house, she finds that President Snow is waiting for her.

Katniss goes into the room where President Snow is waiting for, and the two of them have a private conversation, despite Mrs. Everdeen’s reluctance to leave them alone together.

The President tells Katniss that he has heard murmurs that a rebellion may be in the works after the stunt Katniss pulled with the berries at the last Hunger Games. President Snow tells Katniss that she must convince the people of Panem that she acted out of her intense love for Peeta, rather than acting out of defiance for the Capitol. The President hopes that the talk of a rebellion will calm down if people do not think that Katniss is on board.

Katniss is told by President Snow that if she does not do as he says and successfully convince Panem of her love for Peeta then he will kill Gale. Gale has been presented as Katniss’ cousin to explain how close they are, though President Snow does not seem to believe it. President Snow hints at the kiss that happened between Katniss and Gale though Katniss does not understand how he could possibly know.

Katniss sinks into a bath to calm herself before she must begin getting ready for the Victory Tour. As Katniss is bathing, her prep team arrives and immediately fusses over the state of Katniss’ nails and body hair since the last time they saw her. As the prep team is working on Katniss, Cinna arrives to dress her.

Katniss is very happy to see Cinna and the clothes that he has designed for her, but which they are going to present as Katniss’ designs because she needs to have a talent to present on the Victory Tour. As Katniss is dressing, Mrs. Everdeen enters with the mockingjay pin that Katniss wore through the Games; a gift from Madge. As the tour begins Katniss and Peeta revert back to their very convincing, loving relationship that will surely convince Panem of Katniss’ motives; a though that is in the back of Katniss’ mind since President Snow’s visit. The first time the train stops for gas Katniss pulls Haymitch aside and tells him about the visit she got from the President.

Haymitch tells Katniss that she has to go along with it, and a life with Peeta is really her only option at this point; she must let go of her feelings for Gale.

As Katniss prepares to be presented to the public her prep team waxes every bit of hair from her body, and it gives Katniss time to think about her future, and the possibility of any children she has being subjected to the Hunger Games. Katniss is uncomfortable with the idea of the first stop on the tour, which will be District 11 – Rue’s district.

At breakfast, Peeta and Katniss decide to be friends again and Peeta shows Katniss his paintings, as painting is the talent he will be presenting. Katniss finds that Peeta has painted the games, which terrifies her despite the fact that she is in awe of his talent. Once they arrive in District 11 they are immediately ushered into trucks and brought to the Justice Building.

They are expected to make a speech in front of the District 11, but Katniss does not know what to say to the families of Rue and Thresh. Peeta takes over and tells the families that each of them, per year, will get one month of his and Katniss’ yearly earnings, which shocks everyone and makes Katniss proud.  Katniss thanks the District for Rue and Thresh and also for the bread they sent. A man in the crowd whistles Rue’s mockingjay tune and the entire district gives Katniss the three-finger salute of District 12.

After Katniss leaves, she has to run back to grab her flowers and she sees the man who whistled Rue’s tune being shot in the head by a peacekeeper.

Peeta and Katniss are brought back into the Justice Building rather quickly, and they learn that the newsfeed ended after Katniss spoke, so no one else in Panem heard the song, saw the salute, or saw the man get shot.

Haymitch takes Katniss and Peeta on a hasty tour through the justice building until they end up in the dome, where Katniss realizes there must be no cameras or microphones; he tells Katniss to share with Peeta what the President told her. Peeta is mad that Katniss did not tell him before and makes a new rule that there will be no more secrets between then, which Haymitch thinks is a good idea.

The trio goes to the ceremonial dinner in District 11 that evening and head to the train that night to be off to their next location. Over the next couple of weeks, Peeta and Katniss visit with all of the other districts and put on a great show of their love for one another.

At night, Peeta starts sleeping in Katniss’ bed to comfort her as she has been having nightmares since the Games. Once they arrive in the Capitol Peeta proposes to Katniss in front of all of Panem, but when Katniss makes eye contact with President Snow he slightly shakes his head to let her know that she is not convincing him.

While in the Capitol Peeta and Katniss are put through interviews and learn that President Snow has, for some reason, decided he would like to throw their wedding. Katniss and Peeta act the perfect couple at the celebration dinner that night though Katniss is horrified and disgusted at the amount of food that is being thrown away, knowing how many starving people there are in the districts.

During the celebration Plutarch Heavensbee, the new head gamemaker, asks Katniss to dance and she does so, though she does not want to. He shows Katniss his pocket watch which has a mockingjay on the face when he runs his finger over it, which does not seem odd to Katniss because she has seen a lot of jewelry emblazoned with mockingjays, though she does feel a certain intensity coming from Heavensbee that she does not understand.

Katniss and Peeta are ushered back onto the train after the celebration dinner and are brought back to District 12 for the Harvest Festival. As Peeta and Katniss are getting ready in the Mayor’s house, Katniss sees the television monitor in the Mayor’s office flicker on; on the television Katniss sees the alert of an uprising that has happened in District 8, which she definitely was not supposed to see. Katniss quickly leaves the office and pretends she is looking for Madge while the Mayor excuses himself because he sees his television screen flash on, undoubtedly showing him exactly what Katniss just saw.

The next day Katniss leaves a message for Gale to come to the cabin by the lake where her father used to take her. When Gale comes he does not want to speak to Katniss at first, as he is upset by her engagement, but he listens when Katniss tells him of her visit from President Snow and his threat on Gale’s life.

Katniss tells Gale that she wants to run away with him and their families, which Gale quickly agrees to and he tells Katniss that he loves her. Katniss does not return Gale’s sentiment and also tells him that she wants Haymitch and Peeta to come with them as well, because she could not possibly leave them behind. Gale gets mad at Katniss when he hears that Peeta will be coming and tells her that she can do more good in the world by rebelling rather than running.

Gale runs off and when Katniss gets back to town she finds Peeta walking to his parent’s house, and tells him of her plans to run away, which he agrees to. When they get to town, they find that Gale is being whipped in the square by the new head peacekeeper.

Katniss runs to the square and jumps in between Gale, who is barely conscious, and the whip which hits her in the face. Haymitch tells the peacekeeper that he has to leave Katniss alone because she is a victor and it will not look good for him to beat one of the victors. One of the other peacekeepers, Darius, arrives and tells the new head peacekeeper that Gale has received more than enough punishment for his crime and should be let go.

Peeta, Haymitch, and a couple of the miners, who Gale works with carry him to Katniss’ house so Mrs. Everdeen can treat his wounds. Katniss finds out from Haymitch that Gale was being punished because he was caught poaching a turkey, which is something he has always done and has always been ignored by the previous head peacekeeper because Gale’s hunting benefitted the entire community.

Katniss expects the peacekeepers to come and arrest either her or Gale all night, but no one shows up other than Madge, who brings medicine for Gale which makes Katniss a little jealous, as she thinks that perhaps something is going on between Madge and Gale. A relentless snowstorm comes that buries District 12 and as Katniss sits by Gale’s side watching him heal she decides to stay and fight rather than run away. She kisses Gale as he is in medicinal haze and hopes he does not realize it.

Katniss weighs her options and thinks of all the things that the Capitol could take from her if she were to fight back, but she realizes that they have already taken so much from her. Katniss is left alone with her thoughts for days while she waits out the storm, and when she finally leaves the house she meets with Peeta and Haymitch to discuss and uprising.

Haymitch thinks that Katniss is crazy, and an uprising would never work because there are not enough people in District 12 to fight against the peacekeepers who would be sent stop the rebellion. When they get into the town, they realize that whipping posts and stockades have been set up in the square. They see smoke in the distance and realize the Hob has been burned down. After a visit to Gale’s mother, they find that no one uses her laundry services anymore, her youngest child has measles, and no one will speak to Katniss anymore because they fear punishment.

Katniss decides she needs some time alone at her father’s cabin, but when she approaches it she finds a woman in a peacekeeper’s uniform, holding a piece of bread with a mockingjay on it.

The woman at the cabin is not alone, she is accompanied by another woman, and they are not peacekeepers but refugees from District 8. The two women worked in the factory which made peacekeeper uniforms and had been planning to escape for a while, slowly stealing pieces of the uniforms for one of the women and her husband so they could disguise themselves when they finally did escape.

The woman’s husband was killed, and the factory was bombed; the women managed to escape the district with their uniforms, and everyone assumed they had died in the explosion. The women are heading to District 13 to join forces with those who survived the destruction there, though to Katniss’ knowledge there are no survivors in 13 so she does not think they are going to find anything there.

Katniss teaches the women some survival skills, as they are obviously starving, and she also leaves them with some of her food and wishes them luck. As Katniss heads back to town, she finds that the fence has electric current running through it again and she does not know how she will get back.

Katniss decides that the only way around the fence is to go over it. She walks along until she finds a tree that looks all enough and sturdy enough to help her cross over. Katniss gets across the fence and as she drops to the ground she feels intense pain, knowing that she has badly injured the heel of her foot as well as her tailbone.

Katniss knows that she must pretend she is not injured or she will blow her cover, as she is not supposed to be in the woods. As an alibi, Katniss stops at the shops and picks up some stuff for her mother and Prim before heading home. Katniss finds two peacekeepers at her house waiting for her return and launches into a story about getting lost while trying to find a goat keeper who has a goat to impregnate Prim’s goat Lady with, blaming Prim for giving her bad directions.

After the peacekeepers accept her story and leave her alone Katniss reveals her injuries, which Mrs. Everdeen treats before Katniss heads to bed. While Katniss heals over the next few weeks she and Peeta add to the book of edible plants that Katniss’ father began; Katniss describes the plants and Peeta draws pictures of them. Katniss watches a news report from District 13 one day and realizes that the footage they use is old, as the same mockingjay flies by the corner of the screen in every report, as though the Capitol creates fake reports over old footage to convince the rest of Panem that there is no one in 13.

Katniss is to have a photo spread done modeling six wedding dresses which the President has chosen for her. The people of Panem and the President will decide which dress Katniss should wear in her wedding to Peeta. The prep team gets Katniss ready for her shoot, which frustrates her because it takes so long.

The day after the shoot Katniss tries to speak to Haymitch about the possible existence of people in District 13 though Haymitch does not seem to think it is possible. That night everyone has to watch a mandatory program on the television, which is of Katniss’ photo shoot, and it is followed by an announcement from the President giving the rules of the Quarter Quell, the 75th annual Hunger Games.

Every 25 years there are special rules for the Quarter Quells to remind the people of the Dark Days before the Games. Supposedly the rules for all Quarter Quells were made at the start of the games and have been locked away. At the 25th anniversary, the districts voted for tributes, at the 50th anniversary there were double the number of tributes and this year, the 75th anniversary, the tributes will be chosen from each district’s living victors; Katniss will be going into the Games again and will be accompanied by either Peeta or Haymitch.

Katniss runs from her house, horrified, and hides in the basement of one of the abandoned houses in Victor’s Village. Eventually Katniss comes out and goes to see Haymitch, who thinks that she is there to ask him to go in and save Peeta but all Katniss does is ask him for a drink.

Katniss gets drunk and stumbles home where she sees Gale and wishes that she had run away with him when she had the chance. Gale puts Katniss to bed, and she sleeps late the following day. Despite the fact that Katniss has an awful hangover, she heads to Haymitch’s house and finds that Peeta is already there and he is throwing away all of Haymitch’s alcohol.

Peeta tells Haymitch and Katniss that neither of them are to drink anymore, and they all have to start training for the Games right away. The three train together over the next few weeks and Gale even helps by teaching them to make snares. On the day of the reaping, Haymitch is drawn as the male tribute, but Peeta comes forward and volunteers to replace Haymitch. All three of them are ushered onto a train with Effie, and none of them wanted to say goodbye to their families before they left.

Once on the train Peeta, Katniss, and Haymitch are in game-mode and sit to watch the reapings from the other districts; Katniss is especially intrigued by an old lady named Mags from District 4 who steps into to take the place of a younger girl. They watch the tapes of their competitors from each one’s Hunger Games victory to study their strengths and weaknesses.

Katniss has trouble sleeping because she is suffering nightmares again and heads back down to the lounge where she finds Peeta still watching the videos. They decide to watch the video of Haymitch’s win in the Games, curious as to how he was victorious. Haymitch was allied with his co-tribute from District 12, a girl who was a good friend of Mrs. Everdeen. Haymitch found a way to use the force field around the arena to his advantage, which is how he won; Katniss realizes that Haymitch has shown his rebellion against the Capitol before, and his defiance could greatly aid Katniss in saving Peeta.

Peeta and Katniss realize that Haymitch has caught them watching the video, but he is not angry at them, though seemingly angry at the Games.

As the prep team gets Katniss ready to present herself in the Capitol they cry incessantly at the idea of possibly losing her again. Katniss complains to Cinna about the tears, and he promises that he will speak to them about it. Each year the tribute must dress for the opening ceremony to represent the industry for which their district is known; for District 12 it is coal mining.

Cinna sticks with his theme from the previous year of dressing Katniss to represent not a coal miner, but coal itself and she is put into a suit that appears to be a glowing, burning, piece of coal. As Katniss is waiting by her chariot Finnick Odair, the tribute from District 4 who is ridiculously good looking, approaches her and makes a pass, though he leaves when Peeta comes over. Katniss and Peeta hold hands throughout the ride, but they do not smile and wave as they did the previous year.

In the elevator back at the training center Johanna Mason, the tribute from District 7, strips naked and rides up with them. Finnick finds it hilarious that Katniss is so innocent that people cannot help but to try to tease her. Katniss is only angry until the elevator door opens and she finds herself facing her favorite peacekeeper from District 12, Darius, who has been turned into an Avox.

Katniss is very upset to find that Darius has become an Avox and her sleep that night is interrupted by nightmares, once again. In the morning, Katniss is feeling quite rebellious but Haymitch convinces her that she must come to training and it would be beneficial for her and Peeta to ally herself with other tributes before the Games begin, though Katniss has no desire to do so.

At the rope station, Katniss is approached by Finnick who teaches her a particularly complicated knot; Finnick knows a lot about knots because he is from the fishing district. At the fire building station, Katniss meets Beetee and Wiress, the older tributes from District 2 whom she takes an instant liking to despite the fact that she knows Haymitch will not approve of them as allies. Beetee teaches Katniss how to see a force field, which not many people can do.

Katniss has to sit with everyone at lunch, and to her dismay she begins to like the other tributes which she will, unfortunately, be involved in a bloodbath with soon. On the final day of training, Katniss does not know what to do for the judges so she hangs a dummy from the ceiling and writes “Seneca Crane” on it in blood-red paint. Seneca Crane was the previous head gamemaker who had been killed, which was covered up, after he allowed both Katniss and Peeta to win the previous Hunger Games.

When Haymitch finds out about Katniss’ stunt in the judging room he is not happy; nor is he happy when he learns that in judging Peeta drew a picture in dyes of Rue’s body after Katniss had covered it with sunflowers. Both Peeta and Katniss get top scores from the judges which Haymitch knows is just the judges’ way of painting a target on both of them in the eyes of the other tributes.

The next day Katniss and Peeta are allowed to relax, and they spend the day having a picnic on the roof. The following day it is time for interviews with Caesar Flickerman and President Snow requests that Katniss wear the wedding dress he chose for her. Katniss remarks that the dress is quite heavier than she remembers, and Cinna informs her that he had to make some alterations. When Katniss finally takes the stage to give her interview, she takes the cue from Cinna to twirl and show off her dress; as she does so the entire thing seems to go up in flames, and when they clear what remains is a gown inspired by a mockingjay.

Katniss knows that Cinna has placed himself in a world of trouble by making this statement and she silently appreciates him but worries about him all the same. The crowd is beside themselves with sadness over the fact that Katniss and Peeta will never be able to get married as one of them will soon die but Peeta surprises the audience by telling them that he and Katniss are already married in their minds.

Peeta says that they performed a traditional marriage ceremony in District 12, though it is not legally binding; then he shares with the audience that Katniss is pregnant with his child, which catches Katniss by surprise. At the end of the interviews the tributes all take stage together, and, as a symbol of unity, they all join hands before the audience. The Capitol is outraged as this show of solidarity and sends everyone home who is not directly involved in the games.

The next morning Cinna dresses Katniss for her second turn in the Games and puts her into the tube that will bring her to the arena. The tube closes, but Katniss is not sent up to the arena right away, instead she is stuck watching as Cinna is beaten and dragged away by peacekeepers. Katniss is send up into the tube, in total shock, and finds herself in the middle of a huge body of water; the message to Katniss seems clear, a “girl on fire” cannot survive in water.

Katniss realizes that each tribute is standing on a platform in the water and must swim to a land arm that connects to the cornucopia; Katniss feels fortunate that she knows how to swim because she is sure that many tributes do not. When Katniss arrives at the cornucopia she finds that Finnick is the only other one there, but he seems to be wearing a gold bracelet just like the one she saw Haymitch wearing so she thinks he is supposed to be her ally, though she does not trust him.

Finnick saves Katniss from the District 5 man, and she takes the opportunity to take a bow and arrows from the stockpile of supplies. Katniss works with Finnick to fend off some of the other tributes. They soon realize that the cornucopia has nothing but weapons, no survival supplies, so they take as many weapons as they can.

Katniss sees Peeta still standing on his platform because he does not know how to swim so Finnick goes to rescue him and then gets Mags and the four of them quickly retreat. Katniss climbs a tree to check out the situation and sees that several tributes have died at the cornucopia. They decide to look for fresh water, but as they are walking Peeta walks straight into a force field and falls to the ground.

Peeta’s heart has stopped beating so Finnick performs some sort of strange act of breathing into Peeta’s lungs (CPR, though Katniss has does not know what it is called) to bring him back to life as Katniss screams and begs for him to come back to her.

After Finnick saves Peeta they decide they must find water now, especially because Peeta is weakened. Finnick asks Katniss how she knew a force field was there because he saw that she was about to yell before Peeta ran into it, and she tells them that she can hear the electricity with the ear that the Capitol fixed for her after the last Games; this is not true though, Katniss learned how to see force fields from Beetee.

They walk the perimeter of the force field, and find no water so they take the slope downward and decide to make camp for the night.Katniss goes out on her own and sees an animal in a tree that looks like a rat, and his mouth is wet; Katniss knows there must be water somewhere. Finnick and Mags have created a shelter for the four of them, and Katniss gives Peeta the rat creature she killed to cook for dinner.

That night eight faces are shown in the sky and Katniss realizes there are only eight of them left in the arena. Katniss gets a gift from a sponsor, and it is recognized as a spile; Katniss realizes she has to tap the trees for water and it works. As Katniss keeps watch that night, she hears a loud gong sound go off twelve times and struggles with what it could mean. Soon a fog comes over their camp that makes Katniss’ skin blister.

As Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Mags all run from the fog they realize that not only is it blistering their skin but it is also taking control of their nerves, making it difficult to have control over their bodies.Peeta and Mags are affected the worst, and cannot walk for themselves so Finnick carries Peeta and Katniss tries to carry Mags. Katniss cannot hold Mags for very long and Finnick knows he cannot carry both, which he tells Mags; to Katniss’ shock Mags gives Finnick a kiss on the cheek and runs into the fog, killing herself. As the three stumble to the water’s edge to escape, the fog Katniss realizes that the salt water greatly soothes her blisters and she shares this information with Peeta.

The two of them have to drag Finnick into the water because he is hurt worse than they are and cannot move for himself. Peeta goes to tap a tree and Katniss realizes that the monkeys in the trees seem to be congregating together, and staring down at them. Katniss calls to Peeta but as soon as he moves the monkeys attack. Katniss uses all her arrows and asks Peeta to throw her more, and he drops his knife in the process. Unarmed, Peeta is nearly attacked by a monkey but the girl from District 6 jumps in between Peeta and the monkey, saving him and badly injuring herself.

As the monkeys retreat, Katniss, Peeta, and Finnick try to help the girl who saved Peeta, but her wounds are too severe and they just keep her company and hold her hand while she dies. Katniss offers to keep watch so Finnick can rest that night, but he refuses, insisting that she sleep and Katniss can tell that Finnick wants some time to be alone so he can grieve for the loss of Mags.

In the morning, Katniss’ blisters itch terribly so she asks for Haymitch to send her something and only moments later she receives some tar ointment that looks atrocious but soothes the itching. Finnick catches some shellfish for breakfast, and the trio sees three other people stumbling out of the woods coughing; Katniss recognizes them as Johanna Mason from District 7 and Beetee and Wiress. Johanna seems to dislike Katniss and tells her that she only saved Beetee and Wiress for her, which Katniss does not understand. Beetee has injuries that Katniss attends to and Wiress keeps babbling incoherently “tick, tock, tick, tock”.

That night Katniss sees the lightning accompanied by twelve gongs sounds again and realizes what Wiress is trying to tell them; the arena is a clock.

Katniss tells everyone what Wiress has discovered; each section of the arena corresponds to a time on the clock and in each section of the clock a different kind of attack happens – the fog, the monkeys, etc. They decide to sit at the cornucopia and watch the different sections of the arena to see what each section does and at what time.

At the cornucopia, they restock their weapons and Peeta draws a picture of the arena in the sand so they can keep track of the sections. As they are distracted, the tributes from Districts 1 and 2 attack; Katniss and Johanna manage to kill the tributes from 1 but not before they kill Wiress.

The tributes from District two hide behind the cornucopia and Katniss chases after them but the island they are all standing on begins to spin out of control and everyone is forced to hold on for their lives. When the island stops spinning, Finnick saves Beetee from the water and Katniss swims out to Wiress’ body to get the wire that Beetee found in the cornucopia and seems so important to him.

The five who are remaining head back toward the jungle and despite Katniss’ uneasy feelings she goes off with Finnick to get water while Peeta stays on the beach with Johanna to make another clock drawing.  In the jungle, Katniss hears Prim’s screams.

Katniss runs after the voice and soon realizes that Prim’s scream is coming from a jabberjay, a genetically mutated bird, and Katniss kills the bird. When Finnick comes after her, he too hears the voice of someone he loves and runs off in the other direction. As Katniss and Finnick run away they come to a wall that does not let them get away from the birds, they have to wait until that section of the clock is done with its torture. Katniss and Finnick are both convinced that their loved ones are being tortured by the Capitol, and their screams were recorded, but Beetee assures them that it would be all too easy for the government to create the false screams of anyone they want.

That night they watch the faces of the dead flash in the sky and receive a gift of rolls from District 3. Beetee is sure to count the rolls before anyone eats them, and they decide to save some of them for later. Peeta and Katniss keep watch together that night and Katniss finds that Peeta has brought a locket with him that contains pictures of Mrs. Everdeen, Prim, and Gale; he uses the locket to try to convince Katniss to let him die to save her but Katniss refuses.

The next day Katniss tries to convince Peeta that they have to break away from the others because they will have to kill them soon enough, but Peeta thinks that they should wait. Beetee comes up with a plan that day to kill the District 2 tributes; he will run his wire from the lightning source that strikes at midnight into the water and kill the tributes when they are on the beach.

They all hike up to the lightning tree together, and Katniss tells them where the force field is so they stay away; Beetee is amused when the others tell him that Katniss can hear the force field because he knows that he taught her how to see it. After Beetee is done examining the tree, and the area around it they all go back to the beach where they dine on seafood and more rolls that have been sent from District 3.

The next day they all head to the lightning tree so Beetee can rig the electrical wire. Beetee tells Johanna and Katniss to run down to the jungle, carefully placing the wire, so they can quickly head off to section one of the clock where they will be safe. Katniss does not want to leave Peeta behind because she still worries that the others are going to turn on them and separating them will create the perfect opportunity; however, Katniss and Johanna are the fastest so it makes the most sense.

Halfway down the hill Johanna gives the wire to Katniss and shortly after the wire snaps back at Katniss and she finds herself being thrown to the ground with a hard blow; Katniss is barely conscious, but she can feel that Johanna is sitting on her and digging her knife into Katniss’ arm. When Katniss comes to, she is sure that her fears have been realized and she runs back up the mountain to get Peeta.

Katniss finds Beetee unconscious with wire securing a knife to his hand, and she remembers what Haymitch told her before she left for the Games – to remember who the real enemy is, which Katniss knows is the Capitol.  Katniss wraps the wire around one of her arrows and shoots it into the force field; sure that is what Beetee was trying to do.

Lightning strikes and Katniss sees the arena start to fall apart right in front of her eyes. A hovercraft comes and takes Katniss out of the arena, and she finds herself in the presence of the head gamemaker before she passes out. When Katniss comes to she finds herself in a medical room and Beetee is in the bed next to her; she is sure they have been captured by the Capitol. Katniss feels that Peeta must be getting tortured, so she grabs a syringe that she plans to use to kill him so he will not suffer, and goes down the hall.

Katniss hears Finnick’s and Haymitch’s voices coming from another room along with the head gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee. Katniss reveals her presence and she is told that there was a plan in place all along to rescue Katniss from the arena and many of the other tributes had made their promise to save Katniss and Peeta at all costs, even if it meant their own lives. Katniss has become the face of the rebellion, and she needs to live to spark hope in others and they knew that if Peeta did not survive then Katniss would not be a strong enough leader.

Katniss finds out that Peeta was not rescued by them; however, because the Capitol got to him before they could, and also finds out that they are on their way to District 13 where people are still living and the rebellion is stationed. Katniss is devastated by her fear for what is happening to Peeta in the Capitol and confused at the new information. Gale comes into the room, injured, and tells Katniss that her family is fine but District 12 has been destroyed.

What Happened to Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss, Martin, Etc.

The group sets out to rescue Cunegonde and the old woman, and on the way the Baron and Pangloss tell their tales. Candide apologizes to the Baron for stabbing him, but the Baron graciously forgives him. He says that after he was stabbed a surgeon took him in and nursed him back to health. Later, he was abducted by Spanish troops and sent to prison. Eventually, he ended up employed in Constantinople where he was caught bathing with a Muslim. For this crime,  he was sent to the galley as a slave.

After hearing the Baron’s story, Candide asks Pangloss to reveal how he survived. Since the Inquisition has more experience burning people than hanging them, they did not tie the knot well, and his flow of air was not entirely cut off. A surgeon took his “corpse” home to dissect it, but when he cut into Pangloss’s body the philosopher screamed. Startled, the surgeon fell back, and his wife came to see what the commotion was. After Pangloss begged for their help the surgeon sewed him back up, and the wife nursed him back to health.

Later, Pangloss entered the service of a Venetian merchant and one day went into a mosque. There, he saw a beautiful young woman accidentally drop a bouquet that lay by her bosom. In returning it, Pangloss “took too long” and was ousted as a Christian. His crime was to be sent to the galley where he met the Baron, and they spent many days arguing about whose crime was worse. Candide asks Pangloss if, after all his hardships, he still believes everything is for the best. Pangloss still thinks that is true and does not renounce his philosophy.

How Candide Found Cunegonde and the Old Woman Again

During their conversation, Candide and the group arrive at the house of the prince. They see Cunegonde and the old woman outside doing laundry. The Baron and Candide are shocked at Cunegonde’s transformation – her skin is browned and wrinkled and she has lost all of her beauty. Candide ransoms Cunegonde and the old woman and decides, with the old woman’s advice, to buy a small farm.

Once they are settled, Cunegonde reminds Candide of his promise to marry her. She is not aware that she is no longer beautiful, and Candide cannot turn her down. The Baron, however, still insists that Candide cannot marry Cunegonde because of their slight difference in royal blood. Candide reminds the Baron of all that he has done for Cunegonde, and the fact that he just rescued the Baron from slavery. Still, the Baron insists that Candide cannot marry his sister while he is alive.

The Conclusion

In truth, Candide does not wish to marry Cunegonde because she is so ugly, but wants to prove the Baron wrong. He consults the others, who all have different opinions about how to deal with the Baron. They decide to send him back to the galley without telling Cunegonde, and go ahead with the plan.

Now that Candide is with Cunegonde and all his friends living in peace, he and the others should be happy. However, instead they are miserable and bored. Cunegonde keeps getting uglier and harder to handle, the old woman becomes increasingly feeble, and Cacambo, who works in the garden, curses his work. Martin is the only one who stays the same. From time to time,  they still talk about philosophy and good and evil. Candide wonders whether it would be worse to go through more hardships or to be bored as they are now. Martin comes to the conclusion that man is never satisfied. Even Pangloss, though he says everything is for the best, does not truly believe it.

One day Paquette and Friar Giroflee come to the farm. All the money Candide gave them is gone, and they are even worse off than before. Martin gloats at being right in that the money would only bring them more hardship instead of making them happy.

After a while, Candide and the others go to ask a famous Turkish philosopher about all the questions about life and happiness they have not been able to answer. The great philosopher is not helpful and slams the door in their faces. On their way home,  they meet an old man who invites them inside for food. Candide is impressed by the man and his children, as well as their simple lifestyle. Most of all, he realizes that they are happier than any others he has encountered on his journey, even the wealthy.

He decides that man was not born to be idle, and that everyone needs to work in the gardens on their estate. Each member of the household learns a skill and helps around the house. Sometimes, Pangloss reflects on the string of events leading up to their life on the farm. Candide listens to him, but always replies that they need to “cultivate the garden.”

Sazed is in his room, studying and transcribing the rubbings he found. He knows that these few pages of transcribed text could keep him busy for months or even years. Vin enters through his window and wants to talk to him about the deepness. Sazed talks about if the deepness is even real or if it’s just a made-up story, some propaganda spun by the Lord Ruler. Vin says she thinks it’s real and tells Sazed that she thinks it’s actually the mist itself. The log book and the rubbings don’t say the mist actually killed people but that people died because of the mist. That could be because a permenant mist that covered the ground would kill crops and live stalk, leaving people to die of starvation. Vin also tells Sazed about the mist spirit that has been following her.

The assembly gathers, and Elend gets an opportunity to explain what he has done with his father. He uses twenty minutes to tell of the situation with the two armies and how his meeting with Straff went. He tells them that he used Vin’s power to threaten Straff, a move that may protect the city for some time yet. Meanwhile, Vin tries to pay attention to Elend’s meeting. She sees Zane in the crowd, and he smiles at her. They then have nominations for who should run for king. Elend and Lord Penrod are nominated, and, lastly, Cett is nominated. The man reveals himself to be in the crowd.

Vin watches in shock as Cett reveals himself to the crowd and to the assembly. He uses his army outside the gates to threaten the people into voting for him. He also tells the crowd about the koloss army not too far away, a fact that Elend hasn’t told anyone.

Vin sits in her room, studying the stacks of papers she has there. OreSeur is there with her, and they talk about the religious beliefs of the kandra. They practically worship the Contract above all else, the agreement they have with their human masters. Meanwhile, Elend discovers that some of the wells in Luthadel are being poisoned by someone, probably one of the armies outside. Vin talks to Dockson, and in the conversation, she determines that he can’t be the spy. She and OreSeur turn their attentions toward a new option: Demoux, a captain of the guard.

Elend works to find a way to convince the assembly to name him king again, while Vin wants to tell him her theory about Demoux. Tindwyle gets upset with Sazed when she finds out that he helped write part of the laws Elend put into place a year ago. Vin leaves the group and finds Zane, who immediately attacks her. She thinks he wants to spar, like before, but the fight becomes aggressive and Vin must fight him to survive. Zane tells her that he was ordered to kill her and that this attack was a warning. There are also many refugees coming from the koloss army, on their way to seek refuge in Luthadel. After giving his two warnings, Zane leaves.

Vin tries on another custom-made dress. Tindwyl tells her that Elend has nearly learned as much as he can from her; he’ll now have to learn to be a good leader through experience. Elend prepares his armored escort and carriage to go and see Cett. Breeze decides not to go, since he and Cett have history, which would only make the situation worse. When Elend and Vin actually enter the keep Cett is staying in and talk to the man, they discover just how sincere he is. He doesn’t want his daughter back, trusting that Elend will take good care of her. Cett wants Elend to step down from the election for king, and in return he won’t have Elend killed when he is made king. They also talk about the fact that no atium was found in all of Luthadel. Finally, Cett dismisses the two.

Sazed wanders through warehouse full of refugees from the koloss attacks, trying to help and health where he can. Tindwyl comes in and talks to him. She wants to see what he’s found–the rubbings he’s been transcribing. Meanwhile, Breeze has been listening in on the conversation, soothing both people in a way that would make them more friendly to each other. He walks among the refugees, trying to sooth away bad emotions and make them feel better. Elend and Ham come in, and Elend wants to make sure all the people have the clothes they need. Later, Breeze goes into the keep and has a secret meeting with Clubs. Though they always seem to hate each other, they drink together and talk; they’ve struck up a strange companionship. Allrianne walks in and tries to steal Breeze away. Vin, watching from outside, discovers that Allrianne is a rioter, since she was rioting Breeze’s emotions. She and OreSeur then go to find Demoux, still certain that he is the kandra spy. They find him in a little meeting of the church of the Survivor. He can’t be a spy, Vin decides. Then who is?

Sazed and Tindwyl sit together in the study, pouring over the rubbings, searching their metalminds for any references to the deepness or Hero of Ages. It’s morning, meaning they’ve been at it all night long. Tindwyl knows the course of actions Sazed takes is different from what the keepers want, but she is willing to stay with him and study these things further. Meanwhile, Elend and Ham walk along the wall. Ham comments that Elend looks more kingly than ever. As they walk, Elend announces that he has an idea to help Luthadel’s situation.

Vin, Elend, and the rest of the crew arrive early for the day of the election for king. Before the voting begins, Vin, trying to figure out what Elend has up his sleeve, discovers that he has joined the church of the Savior, in an effort to curry votes from the skaa members of the assembly. Suddenly, a groups of allomancers attack Elend and Cett. Vin manages to fight off the men, getting badly hurt in the process. After the fighting, the vote is moved to a more secure location, and the assembly members each announce their vote. Surprisingly, Penrod, a nobleman from the assembly is chosen the new king. Elend hands over his crown and leaves.

Straff Venture is angry that Zane sent a group of his allomancers to their deaths while Vin still lives. Zane promises that he has a plan to take care of her. Meanwhile, Straff meets with Penrod, the new king of Luthadel. Penrod is planning to give Luthadel to Straff, opening the gates to him and handing over the kingship.  Straff, on the other hand, doesn’t want to enter the city while Vin still lives. Later, Zane tells Straff that he has been poisoned again. Zane leaves, and Straff is forced to ride hard back into the camp so his mistress can make him another antidote tea.

Vin awakes to see that Elend is with her. He tells her that he is not king, and he reports that OreSeur, who was badly hurt in the fight, is currently digesting a new set of bones. Vin feels that Elend is now scared of her somehow because of the way she fought those allomancers. Vin goes back to sleep, and awakes to find Zane there. He accuses her, saying that she could have killed those attackers easily had she not been so distracted with protecting Elend and other innocents. Later, OreSeur visits Vin, in another dog’s body. They talk more about the Contract that binds all kandra. Vin uses brass and duralumin to push strongly on OreSeur’s emotions. Even though he at first does not react at all, with enough force, Vin hurts him very badly, and she felt like she were controlling him for a moment. She apologizes for hurting OreSeur, and he leaves to get some rest. Vin promise to never tell anyone what she’s discovered about kandra.

Sazed and Tindwyl continue to talk about the things they are learning. Something doesn’t make sense about the rubbings, written by Kwaan. It seems that Kwaan did not trust Alendi, but he also knew Alendi was a good man. But if Kwaan knew Alendi was good, why did he have his nephew, Rashek, to mislead or even kill Alendi? Elend comes in and asks for advice. After a discussion, he decides that being king isn’t about a title, but about doing something to help others. He returns to his closet and retrieves the white suite, the one made for a king.

Elend is hard at work, helping the people. He’s sending men out to dismantle the wooden parts of keeps and houses to use as firewood. The many refugees are cold and hungry, and he wants to help them. Someone comes with news that one of the gates under the river has been broken. That is how someone has been getting into the city and poisoning the wells. Also, other reports say that an Inquisitor is lurking about the city. Elend decides to go out and talk to Jastes, with the koloss army, himself. He rides out and meets Jastes, unable to make any kind of deal. On the way out, Elend manages to fight and kill one smaller koloss, earning the sword and pouch as his own. He looks into the pouch and discovers how Jastes is controlling the koloss. He’s paying them.

Vin sees Elend, now returned from his meet with the koloss army, inured and resting. Zanes comes and says that Cett was the one that planed the attack at the voting ceremony. Vin gets angry and decides to attack Cett. Zane and Vin attack the keep that Cett has been staying at in Luthadel. Together, they kill guards and hazekillers. Fueled by rage, Vin kills quickly, working her way to Cett’s room. She realizes that Zane is using atium, while she has none, and yet she’s killing just as easily as he is. They finally get to Cett’s room, where he is with his son. Vin fights them at first, but when she discovers that neither of them is an allomancer and that Cett doesn’t have a single allomancer with him, she leaves them behind, injured and scared.

The crew sees that Cett’s army is now leaving, a result of Vin’s attack on his keep the night before. Elend does not know why Vin attacked Cett like that. Some in the crew think she’s crazy, but Elend just sees her as determined. They also discover that the “coins” Jastes has been using to control   the koloss are fake, wooden coins painted gold. Elend goes to find Vin, who is hiding in the city. He finds her with OreSeur’s help. She says she must leave Luthadel and go north, to Terris. Elend says he trust her to do the right thing. They have one large bead of atium, and Vin gives it to OreSeur to hold for her.

Sazed and Tindwyl compare notes, studying the rubbing and other references they’ve managed to find. Tindwyl admits that she doesn’t believe in these prophecies, her interest in them being purely academic. Sazed, on the other hand, thinks Vin might actually be the next Hero of the Ages. While they talk, they discover that someone–or something–has torn a piece from one of the transcription pages. Vin comes in, while they try to figure out at what point were they both gone or occupied to not have seen an intruder going through their things. Vin asks Sazed how she can know if she’s in love. They talk about trust. After Vin leaves, Elend comes in and starts asking similar questions. Elend thinks he and Vin are too different to make a couple, but Sazed says that, to him, they are more alike than they think. After Elend leaves, Sazed realizes that Luthadel is going to fall soon; he needs to get both Elend and Vin out of the city before that happens.

Sazed calls a meeting with the members of the crew: Dockson, Breeze, Ham, and Clubs. He doesn’t invite Elend, Vin, or Spook. They talk about how the city is sure to fall. Straff apparently is in no hurry to take Luthadel. Instead, he’ll back off and let the koloss attack the city first. The koloss will win and enter the city, pillaging as they go. Then, with the koloss weakened and tired from the fight, Venture will ride in like a hero and save the city, defeating the koloss and taking Luthadel for himself. Sazed says that Elend and Vin need to get out of the city before these things happen. He wants Spook and Tindwyl to go with them. The rest of the group will have to stay and fight and die. Meanwhile, Vin feels she must follow the drumming she hears all the time. In Straff’s camp, Zane is attacked by his father’s men. He defeats them, but spares his father. He leaves, saying that tonight he will take Vin with him and leave Luthadel. He tells Straff that he should wait for the koloss to attack and then take the city.

Vin is in her room with OreSeur when Zane visits. He wants her to come with him, but she says she can’t because she doesn’t want to leave Elend. When Zane sees that she won’t go, he attacks her. They fight. When Zane starts to burn atium, Vin asks OreSeur for the large bead, a bead Zan had given her before. OreSeur doesn’t respond to her command. Vin discovers that OreSeur is not OreSeur. He is TenSoon, Zane’s kandra. Of course! There was no other spy. The bones they found were TenSoon’s and he had killed OreSeur! Zane corners Vin, but Vin uses a massive soothing to take control of OreSeur/TenSoon and attack Zane from behind. She then cuts the bead of atium fro TenSoon. But this is another trick. The bead is lead, with only a thin layer of atium. Soon, Vin is left helpless against a Mistborn killer with atium. Vin decides that Zane can see what she’s about to do, or, rather, what she plans on doing. If she attacks without thinking, though, she can, see in Zane’s reaction what she is going to do, only to change it at the last possible second. The trick works, and Vin defeats Zane. After Zane dies, she thanks OreSeur/TenSoon for helping her win. His contract is void, and he must return to his people. Vin goes to find Elend.

Elend is in his study when Vin comes in, bloody from her fight with Zane. She tells him that she killed him. He calls for Sazed, who comes to help with the wounds. While she is there, on the ground, she asks Sazed if he knows any wedding ceremonies. Of course, he knows hundreds. Vin asks which one is the shortest, and Sazed recalls one that only requires a declaration of love between the bride and groom before an ordained witness. Vin and Elend both say that they love each other, and Sazed declares them married. The wounds are clean, and Sazed sends Vin to get some rest. He also gives them a fake map to find the Well of Ascension. If the couple follows the map, they’ll be gone from Luthadel for a long time.

Elend and Vin prepare to ride out of the city. Tindwyl decides to stay in Luthadel. Spooks gets ready to go, and Allrianne will ride out, at Breeze’s insistence. So the four of them ride out, Vin quickly having to fight pursuers from Straff’s army. Once they are free, Allrianne breaks off to find her father’s army. Meanwhile, some of the crew watch as the escape, now sure of their own coming doom. Straff Venture hears of the escapes, but he has problems of his own now. He’s getting sick, which he knows is the result of poisoning from his son, Zane. He sends for his mistress, Amaranta, to fix him an antidote, but he discovers that she isn’t preparing what she normally does. She is actually killing, as she has for a long time. There never was any poison. Zane never tried to kill his father. But Amaranta, in her constant fixing of teas for Straff, has been causing him to become addicted to a rare drug. Without that drug, Straff will die. Straff, in a rage, kills Amaranta and then swallows as much powder from her medicine cabnet as he can, hoping to accidentally swallow some of the drug he needs before he loses consciousness.

Allrianne has made her way to her father’s camp, with the help of some bandits she’s tamed with her rioting. Her father, Cett, is not happy to see her. She convinces him to go back and join the winning party in the battle that is to come, although Cett promises that will likely be Straff. Meanwhile, Elend wakes up on the third morning out of Luthadel. He and Vin share a tent now, and he finds himself surprisingly comfortable on the hard ground, with Vin next to him. They get up and prepare the fire. It’s just the three of them: Elend, Vin, and Spook. Meanwhile Straff wakes up in bed. His men have taken care of him, and they’ve isolated the plant he needs to stay alive. When he hears that Vin and Elend have left the city, the men ask if they should attack now. Straff says no; they should pull back and wait for the koloss. Sazed meets with the others to plan a strategy for when the koloss attack. They plan to have a group of men at each gate. Saze and Tindwyl get a little time together, but then the warning drums begin to beat.

Vin is thinking about how the mist is staying later and later every day, instead of just disappearing with dawn, when she feels the pulsing of the mist spirit coming from Elend’s tent. She runs in, just in time to see the outline of that spirit lift some kind of knife to attack Elend, who is sleeping on the ground. She attacks the spirit and it disappears. Elend wakes up and never knows what was happening. She leaves Elend to sleep a little more and goes out to speak with Spook. He thinks someone is following them. Meanwhile, Sazed and the crew get ready, since it looks like the Koloss are about to attack. Men are at each gate, with one crewmember there to help. Straff sees that the koloss are attacking, but he tells his men to wait. Vin and Elend attack the camp of people that have been following them. It turns out to be Jastes. He’s lost control of the koloss, so he just left them. Elend kills Jastes because of his crimes against Luthadel. Vin discovers that the drumming sounds are getting softer, meaning the well is to the south, in Luthadel, and not in the Terris mountains.

Breeze works at his assigned gate, soothing soldiers by the dozen, helping them to be brave and fight well. The koloss pound at the door, while men atop the wall rain arrows down on the attackers. The koloss throw rocks up in return, smashing archers. Meanwhile, Vin runs towards Luthadel, burning pewter. She knows she will run out of pewter long before reaching Luthadel, and she wonders if the effect will kill her. But still she keeps running. Breeze and Clubs talk while the koloss continue to beat the gate. They blame themselves for being stupid enough to be in this mess, and they blame Kelsier for getting them into such responsibilities. Just then, the gates burst open. Meanwhile, Sazed gets word that Breeze’s gate had fallen. He doesn’t think he can really help. He notices that there is a crowd of skaa standing behind the defense force. When Sazed confronts them, telling them that they should flee to safety inside the city, the skaa answer that they are there to witness the fall of the koloss at the hands of Vin, who they are sure will return and make her appearance at Sazed’s gate. Then the gate breaks. Sazed musters his stored strength, growing in size, and faces the lead koloss, shouting for the men to fight. Vin, half collapsing and out of pewter, reaching a small village. At first she thinks to ask for pewter, but then she remembers how she used to travel with Kelsier on a path of metal bars in the ground. She asks for horseshoes, using them to “walk” by leaping, placing horseshoes ahead of her and pulling the ones behind to place further. In this way, she uses the horseshoes like stilts to help her travel in the air.

Outside Luthadel, Straff Venture sees that the koloss have now broken into the city gates. His men are ready to attack the koloss from the rear, but Straff decides to wait longer. Sazed, fighting the koloss, realizes that they need to get the gate closed again in order to survive. Using strength and weight, he manages to fight off the koloss and get the gate closed again. While getting a little break, a messenger comes and says that Tindwyl’s gate fell over an hour ago. Meanwhile, Clubs and Breeze are attacked and forced to run. Clubs is killed, while Breeze hides in a building. Dockson contemplates the root of their failure. He attacks a koloss, only to be cut down. Straff decides not to swoop in a save the city while the koloss are weak. Instead, he’d rather wait for the koloss to kill everyone and burn the city. Then Straff will move in. Meanwhile, Sazed fights on, wondering what happened to Tindwyl. He feels he is going to die, but then Vin arrives and starts killing koloss. Breeze is found by Ham and some others. They want to try to escape.

Vin continues killing koloss, several at a time. Sazed, outside Lord Penrod’s keep, begs the newly appointed king to go with them as they try to escape. Penrod insists on staying inside his keep. Vin continues to fight the koloss, but now she is almost completely out of pewter, steel, and almost every other metal. In desperation, to save some skaa from certain death, she super-soothes them, like she’d done to TenSoon, controlling the koloss with her mind. Sazed is standing outside Penrod’s keep when Vin walks up with koloss in tow. She orders Penrod to gather his men and put out the fires in Luthadel. Vin will take care of the koloss throughout the city. Later, Sazed finds Tindwyl’s dead body among the slain soldiers. He feels that all the faith, all the religions, he has always treasured is now useless. His life, he believes, has been a sham.

Straff wakes up and takes a sample of the drug he needs to stay alive. He gathers his men, expecting to be able to take the city now. But the koloss come out with the remaining soldiers of Luthadel. Vin jumps from among the koloss, sailing through the sky with a giant sword, cleaving Straff and his horse in half on impact. Allrianne watches these events from her father’s camp. She charges after them to help Luthadel’s army, forcing her father and his men to ride after her. Straff’s army surrenders, and Janarle, Straff’s general, is named the new Lord of the Venture army. Janarle, Penrod, and Cett all swear loyalty to Elend as their Emperor. Vin, needing rest, leaves Sazed in charge of the Empire until Elend can return to Luthadel.

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